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Student commons atrium – A bright new space for students, community to gather

When you walk into a sun-drenched room, you feel inspired. In such a space, the light of God is amplified and everyone within feels God’s warm embrace. This is our vision for the student commons atrium at Westgate.

Imagine a space that is bright and airy, with floor-to-ceiling glass. It is connected to each level of the surrounding campus through the elevator, balconies and stairways. With an exterior river side balcony, students are closer to the natural world around them. This is where our students will gather.

Adjacent to the atrium will be a new administrative suite. This will not only make our main entrance safer, it will allow us to greet visitors promptly upon their arrival. Together with the student commons atrium, this will create a warm first impression: all are welcome.

Help us create a space that is inviting and inspiring, and where people can forge new and lasting connections with one another.


A universally accessible campus

Imagine you want to study at Westgate, watch your grandchild play basketball, or attend a parent-teacher interview, only to discover you can’t. Our current infrastructure severely limits accessibility for people who have difficulty navigating stairways.

One of the greatest assets at Westgate is our community of people who genuinely care about one another. We want to share this spirit with everyone but to do so, we need a campus that is universally accessible.

As part of our redevelopment plan, we will install a central elevator that opens all floors of our school to students and visitors. With our new student commons atrium, we will create a ground-level access point to the outdoors.

Help us remove barriers to accessibility on our campus and let inspiration shine for everyone who wishes to join the Westgate community.


A new performance space to inspire our musicians’ gifts

When our students perform music, they proclaim their love of God. Such a moving experience should be in a space that is big, bright and inspires our students to create and express themselves.

The Westgate choirs and bands have earned many awards due to the amazing performances of our talented students and outstanding teachers/ directors. Many alumni have channelled this passion for music into life-long creative pursuits. Through their musical gifts, they have made significant contributions to their communities. Over the years, the enthusiasm for our music program has meant we have outgrown our current rehearsal space.

The performance arts classroom will house the junior and senior choral programs and the concert choir. With its vaulted ceilings and panoramic view of the Assiniboine River, it will bring out the very best in our student musicians. In this space, they will boldly express themselves and give praise to God.

Help us create a musical performance space as bright and inspiring as our music students here at Westgate.


A new junior science lab to inspire exploration…

Science, especially at the middle school level, is all about being hands on and experimenting. It is this sort of tinkering and trial and error that has paved the way for generations of scientists to make inspiring discoveries around the world.

We know this same potential exists in students at Westgate. With dedicated labs for our junior students, we will better equip them to explore their passion for science.

The Junior Science Lab will make learning real for our middle school students by placing them in an environment that showcases science and technology working together. As alumni, they will continue to develop this passion into careers that positively impact our world.

Help us create a space where students are inspired to make discoveries, develop a greater understanding of their physical world, and pursue careers in science and technology.

Healthy Mind, Body And SPIRIT

A fitness centre that inspires health and wellness

Ask anyone who is physically active and they will tell you the key is to make it part of your routine.

At Westgate, we inspire our students to develop good habits around wellness and active living. Our approach combines athletics in our gymnasium with programs focused on the importance of nature and outdoor recreation—from hikes, to winter campouts, to canoe trips. What we need is a space where students can complement these opportunities with their own active living routines, every day throughout the year.

The onsite Fitness Centre will provide our students the means and the motivation to develop habits that ensure their bodies are as healthy as their minds and spirits—now and throughout their lives. In a society beset by obesity and lifestyle-related disease like type-2 diabetes, equipping our students to make proactive lifestyle choices is key. A convenient, purpose-built facility for their active living pursuits will start them on the right path.

Help us create a space where students can practice active living and be their healthy best.

The Westgate you Love, only Better

Environmentally sound, and greater efficiency.

Constructing a new building to replace the aging 1950s centre portion of the campus not only creates a much-needed facility to match the quality programs that Westgate offers, it also provides the opportunity to build a new structure to today’s standards of quality building materials, highly insulated walls and roof, energy-efficient windows and natural light. New energy-efficient systems will provide greater comfort control with less energy consumption for years to come. These gains in physical space will be efficient and honour our commitment to environmental stewardship.

The classroom and choral spaces will be designed to optimize acoustical requirements. Meeting universal accessibility standards allows the new construction to bridge between the two remaining buildings and provide critical barrier-free access to all levels. Complementing our lower-level fitness room will be a new storage facility.

Several other much-needed upgrades to our infrastructure will enhance the overall “curb appeal” of Westgate to students, prospective students, and visitors alike. In an environment of ever-increasing competition for enrolment, these measures will enhance the attractiveness of Westgate and promote our future success.

Help us revitalize our campus infrastructure to be as attractive and welcoming as the Westgate community within.

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