Why Give? • Let Inspiration Shine

By financially supporting Westgate’s Inspired Spaces redevelopment campaign, you will have a direct hand in inspiring future Westgate students to go on to serve their community, and do inspired things for years to come.

Alumni – Many of you have gone on from Westgate to become leaders, teachers and role models in local and far-reaching communities. While you may be at different distances along the path, no doubt you are sharing your special light with the world. We hope your memories reinforce how your experience at Westgate helped to shape the person you are today. Let Inspiration Shine for others who will follow in your footsteps.

Parents and Grandparents of Westgate students appreciate the impact that this unique school experience has had on their children. Our faith-based education model and a teaching philosophy emphasizing openness, understanding and compassion has attracted families who see their children’s education as the path towards understanding the world and finding their way to make it better.

Help us continue to encourage and inspire students to achieve amazing things, and Let Inspiration Shine.

Wider Community – Throughout its history, Westgate has enjoyed a rich legacy of support, from the original community that built the school, to those who enabled the gymnasium addition almost 40 years ago. We would not be where we are today if not for the continued support and collaboration of church and community members like you. Our campus is much like the proverbial village in that we work together to raise our children. We hope that you will continue your generous support of Westgate, and create a further return on the investment that has been made to date in building and revitalizing the school.  Let Inspiration Shine for future generations.


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