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How is the project budget allocated?

  • Accessibility 5%
  • Choral Rooms 6%
  • Classroom & Labs 12%
  • Common Areas 15%
  • Contingency 15%
  • Fitness Centre 5%
  • Student Commons 15%
  • System Upgrades 22%
  • Relocation 5%

How much will the Inspired Spaces redevelopment campaign cost?

The redevelopment project is budgeted to cost $10.5 million, which includes construction, professional fees, student relocation, contingency fees, etc.

What happens to the school during construction?

The entire student body and staff are temporarily relocated to the former Chapman School, 3707 Roblin. The building has a unique charm that we are enjoying, and we have adapted to a schedule that includes shuttling a few classes here and there to two nearby churches when we need a bit more teaching space.


Do you have large donors stepping forward to contribute?

We have had several large donations from companies and individuals. Our campaign committee continues to discuss opportunities for Cornerstone gifts, which would give the donor naming rights to specific Inspired spaces.

Donors in excess of $100,000 can commission a Dedication Plaque with a message to inspire students on their daily walk.


Why not just move to a different location?

In planning for Westgate’s future, all options were considered, including moving.

The board and other people tasked with studying this concluded that the current, central location was unique and preferred.

There was no financial advantage to moving versus redeveloping.

No alternative locations offered significant benefits to Westgate’s current location.

Why should I give to a private school, when there are so many needy causes out there?

There is no doubt that there are many worthy causes for your charitable donations.

For more than 50 years, the Westgate experience has shaped each student and the inspiration they find at Westgate influences their adult lives in many ways.

By financially supporting Westgate’s Inspired Spaces redevelopment campaign, you will have a direct hand in inspiring hundreds of Westgate students to go on to serve their community, and do inspired things.

We are working hard to look for funding from various foundations, etc., but the simple truth is we will require significant immediate and ongoing financial support from the Mennonite and specifically Westgate community.

How do I give?

Contact the school, fill out a pledge form, or visit

Several payment options are available, including donations of shares.

How does the pledge system work?

You can make arrangements to make payments over time, through post-dated cheques, pre-authorized debits, or we can send you reminder notices.

How much do you want me to donate?

Each individual needs to determine the extent to which they are able to give, however, for this project to be successful, we need each and every Westgate community member to consider significant immediate and ongoing financial support.

Giving opportunities include:

  • Make a donation all at once, or over a period of time. Your generosity will have an impact whether you give $500, or $50,000.
  • Pay for and pledge support in the amount of (at least) one student’s school tuition for 4 to 5 years. That amounts to roughly $6000 per year, or $500 per month automatic monthly withdrawal.
  • Patrons who contribute over $100,000 have the opportunity to commission a plaque or poster to inspire students on their daily walk.
  • Several payment options are available, including donations of shares.
  • All donors will have the opportunity to have their contribution recognized.
  • Participating in various special fund-raising events hosted by Westgate during the course of this campaign.
  • Contact the school or email to discuss the option for becoming a Cornerstone Supporter, and the potential for naming rights for specific Inspired Spaces within Westgate.

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